Architect Maren Paxton finds herself in a bit of a rash after she's arrested for sending a bouquet of poison ivy to her ex-husband.  The ex,  that he is, agrees to drop all charges in return for monetary compensation.  To allievate the financial burden, Maren is forced to work for a man she can't stand—and a man who didn't want to hire her. that will allow Maren.  accidentally flashes her new boss, douses him with coffee, and calls him an ass--the day before she starts work.  She thinks things cannot get worse, only to discover the new boss wants her fired, her first project has disintegrated, and, incidentally, someone is trying to destroy her.

When the hunky boss announces he is hosting a wedding, Maren fears she'll lose more than her business and doubles her efforts to remain aloof.  Falling for another woman's fiancé is, however, the least of Maren's problems.  Petty attempts to destroy her business escalate to blatant attempts on her life.  Worse, her assailant has no face.  Who tries to destroy a woman with no money, no family, no secrets, and no life?
Do you believe in magic?  Logical, practical Tanith Cox doesn't.  Or does she?  As a young, chubby girl, she finds a book in her grandmother's attic and believes it can make dreams come true.  She holds the precious book in her hand and wishes that she could always live with her grandmother.  After her parents are killed, Tanith goes to live with her matriarch.  Racked with guilt, the little girl loses faith in wishes and in herself.

Tanith, the svelte young woman, knows that she didn't really cause her parents death, but to prove it, she tests the book.  She grabs the big volume and wishes for a lover.  Her wish is granted, but only in an erotic dream.  In the bright daylight, she convinces herself that it was her sub-conscious that created the gorgeous hunk that ravished her in the dark of night—not the book.

Her conviction that "the book is just a book' is tested when she tries out for a position in a rock band and comes face to face with the fantasy lover from her dream—Brent GiveTheManaLastName.  There is only one problem—the real man loves her voice, but not her.
A Mouse Transformed (Coming Soon)
Between Life and Death (Coming Soon)
* The Egg Scam
Planting Poison Ivy (Coming Soon)
Saturday School (Coming Soon)
Starting with Catfish (Coming Soon)
* Those Women